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Pregnancy Photography

"I can honestly say I am in love with all of the pictures!! They have exceeded our expectations and we are over the moon about the results. Thank you for being such an amazing photographer, creating such beautiful memories that we will treasure for the rest of our lives." - Marina

When a client receives their pregnancy portraits, the one one thing they always say is that they were nervous about the prospect of having their photograph taken, but they’re so happy that they did.

The human body is incredibly beautiful, especially when it’s in the extraordinary process of creating another human! Many of my clients are photographed between 28-36 weeks when the bump is nice and round. Having said that, I’ve worked with lots of women who are outside of this time-frame, so it’s very much your decision and depends totally on how you feel.

The shoot takes place in the comfort of your own home, which saves you traveling, can add to the sense of relaxation and gives us access to any props or outfits you might like to include. I’ve worked in a a wide range of homes, from tiny flats to huge houses, all we need are windows and natural light.

Your input is key to creating images that are unique to you, and I always welcome ideas. The session usually lasts around and hour and a half, and I love seeing clients nerves drop away as we explore available light and get into the rhythm of the shoot. Partners and children are always welcome, but I like to have some one to one time with you so that we can get into the flow.

Baby Photography

"We are OBSESSED with the photos. I have no words - so many of them are just so stunning. Picking a few to print is literally impossible. They are true art. THANK YOU for once again wildly exceeding my expectations for what a 'baby photo shoot' could be!"  -Tess

Capturing your baby’s early days and weeks is so special. Tiny fingers and toes, skin to skin contact and bleary eyes, this tender time is so fleeting. I love to photograph babies. The way they move, the intimacy of the connection they have with their parents, their unrelenting search for nourishment and comfort be it bottle or breast or simply cuddles. The tiny, soft details in their hands and feet, and their plump bellies and beautiful skin. My style is all things natural and photo-journalistic.

This postpartum period is also a chance to capture and reflect on what your body has done for you. Be it hours, days, weeks or months after the birth of your baby, your body has grown and delivered a human being! Part of a baby photography session can also be to process, acknowledge and celebrate the incredible journey your body has been through.

Newborn sessions can be taken as early as a few hours after birth. I can visit the home or hospital where your baby was born and capture those blurry, oxytocin fuelled moments after labour. Alternatively, we can wait until you're settled and cosy at home. Partners, siblings and pets are more than welcome to join.

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