I am a London based, award winning photographer specializing in pregnancy, birth and newborn photography. I studied fine art at university and in 2017 completed a Masters in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography (Distinction).

I grew up in London surrounded by babies and bumps. Both of my parents are yoga teachers and my mother, Lolly Stirk, is a pioneer in the field of pregnancy, yoga and birth. A founder member of the Active Birth Movement, she has spent the last 40 years empowering women to birth in the way that they choose, and continues her work today. Our house was always full of anatomy charts, perineum herbs and circles of pregnant women breathing. It nurtured in me a fascination with the human body and a deep familiarity with the physical and emotional journey of bringing new life into the world.

My traditional fine art training instilled a love for the masters, and involved life drawing and sculpting of the human form. I view my photography in the same vein - focusing on composition, perspective and continuous lines. I work with natural light, seek out powerful contrast and look for the intimate and unposed moments.

I revel in collaborating with new muses, making sure that I deliver not only beautiful portraits but creative artworks that are unique to every client. Underlying all of my work is a celebration of the natural power and wild beauty of women, and a desire for them, through my lens, to celebrate themselves.