what to wear for maternity photos

Many clients of mine see my images and imagine that they need to show a lot of skin to be photographed by me, and I can see why! I always reassure my muses that they can be as clothed or nude as they are comfortable with. I love capturing skin, but I also love the drapery, colours and textures of fabrics. The drapery of Greek and Italian figurative sculpture is an ongoing influence on my work as an artist.



Depending on skin tone and shape there are some beautiful options to choose from in my small wardrobe. Many people know what is going to suit them immediately. I have collected pieces over the years locally from Portobello market, and also picked up gems here and there on my travels. My wardrobe consist of a red silk kimono, a gold kimono with tassels, a white lace robe, a sheer robe, a sequinned cover up and a few other pieces that we can play with and adapt to your individual look.

maternity photoshoot outfit with woman wearing red robe

Bring items of your own for a personal touch

If there is an item of yours that you’d like to include please feel free! I love it when clients have something of sentimental or cultural value to bring to a shoot. I’ve created wonderful portraits using African printed fabrics, Indonesian sarongs, Japanese textiles and all kinds of treasures provided by clients, it really brings a personal touch to a shoot and is a great way to collaborate.

what to wear for maternity photos

Go simple and classic with a shirt or lingeriE

Alternatively, we can go very simple and classic. Some people just prefer a crisp white shirt! It's totally your call. If you want to be slightly more covered up and like the idea of underwear featuring in the shoot, a set of knickers and bra is a good thing to have available. It’s not essential at all, just something to think about. It can be a nice midway point between nude and covered up.

woman wearing lingerie at maternity photoshoot outfit

naked or semi-nude

Working with semi/naked pregnant and post-natal women is a completely normal part of my working week, and I’ve seen more gorgeous nude mums and mums to be than I can count! It’s my job to make you feel comfortable.

woman wearing robe for london maternity photoshoot in studio

Wear loose items before your photoshoot to avoid marks on the skin

An IMPORTANT thing to avoid on the day of your shoot is wearing anything that will leave marks on your skin. Tight knickers, socks and especially bras and waistbands can leave marks on your skin (especially on your bump) that are incredibly difficult, and sometimes impossible to remove, so please wear soft and loose knickers and bra (ideally not underwired) that won’t leave marks from the morning until your shoot is over. A loose dress can work well as there’s no waistband to worry about.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your photoshoot.