pregnancy photography london photographer sarah stirk answers your questions

"One of the best things I did for my pregnant body. The photos are absolutely beautiful, sacred even. I also love that Sarah has A very unique style. In fact, I chose her because of the sophisticated and empowering undertones of every picture of herS."



How do I book my shoot?

The first step is to send me an email through my contact page. We can discuss via email, or chat on the phone to work out what kind of shoot/package will suit you best. Once we have a date, I will send you an invoice and a contract for you to sign. I will ask you to pay the non refundable £100 booking fee which will confirm your slot. The balance is due on the day of the shoot itself. Your shoot isn’t reserved until the booking fee has been paid.

What times and days can I book a shoot?

In winter, shoots start at around 11am for optimum natural light. As the light changes over the year this extends to between 10am-2pm. I work on week days and occasionally on Saturdays for a weekend fee of £35.

I’m really nervous in front of the camera, can you help?

Yes I can! Working with pregnant and post-natal women is a completely normal part of my working week, and I’ve seen more nude mums and mums to be than I can count! It’s my job to make you feel comfortable. The majority of my clients say that they are very uncomfortable and awkward on front of the camera, and are nervous about the shoot. It’s my job to help you relax, and clients are always surprised at how comfortable they felt and how much they enjoyed the process. Don’t worry!

When is it best to capture my pregnancy?

Timing wise I usually advise somewhere between 28-36 weeks is ideal, catching that moment when your bump is nice and round. However this is just a guideline and totally depends on how you feel. I’ve photographed women well before and after this point too so it’s a very individual choice.

When is it best to capture my baby?

When to capture your baby is also a very individual choice. Baby sessions can be taken as early as a few hours after birth up to 9 months old. If you want the tiny fingers and toes I would say the earlier the better, but if you’d like baby to be more alert and able to engage, then later is better. Around 3 moths old generally seems to be a good moment to do a baby photoshoot.

Should I book a home or studio photoshoot?

Studio: If you want your images to reflect my studio style (images with the blue background), then I would advise that you come to the studio. The space is set up for these shoots, I know what the light will do on a sunny or a cloudy day, the background is set and we will be able to capture you without distraction or interruption. The studio is for pregnant mothers to be and mums with babies under the age of 9 months old. Partners are very welcome to come and be part of a studio session for the first 15 mins. There is no waiting room in the studio, but there are lots of lovely cafe’s nearby.
Home: If your home is a place you’d like featured in the shoot, or you have a partner, other children or pets you’d like to include then a home shoot may be better. I generally don’t work with children over the age of 9 months, but of course siblings can dip in and out of the session, keeping in mind that I’m not a family photographer, and the main focus will be mother/to be and baby. I always aim to reproduce my style when I shoot and edit, but given the unknowns of different locations, style may vary.
A very popular package is the studio pregnancy shoot booked with the in home baby session.

Do I have to be nude?

Absolutely not. You can be as clothed or nude as you’re comfortable with. I love capturing skin, but I also love the drapery, colours and textures of fabrics. If you want to be slightly more covered up and like the idea of underwear featuring in the shoot, a set of knickers and bra is a good thing to have available. It’s not essential at all, just something to think about. It can be a nice midway point between nude and covered up.

What shall I wear for a pregnancy photoshoot?

I will send you a guide once your shoot is booked. If you have anything you’d like to include please feel free. It adds a personal touch to a session when muses bring something they love, that reflects their personality or has sentimental value. Please try and make sure any items aren’t creased as creases are very hard to edit out and they will show up in the images. In my small wardrobe there is a red and a gold kimono and a white lace and a sheer robe which you are welcome to use. Two options is plenty for a pregnancy photoshoot.

What shall we wear for a baby photo shoot?

Please feel free to use up to two items of clothing for your baby if you want, but I suggest keeping changes minimal as they can get upset, and we want to keep them happy. I have some different coloured bloomers which are great to cover the white of nappies but show babies skin. We can also capture some feeding shots, and skin to skin is wonderful. If there are other adults and children to think about I would suggest muted tones. Black or white aren’t ideal and patterns can be distracting. Keeping it simple and relaxed is best.

Will you share my images on social media?

I’m always very grateful when clients allow me to use their images to promote my work, but rest assured that none of your images will be shared without your permission. Once you’ve seen your gallery I sometimes suggest a few images that I might like to share, and you are totally within your rights to say yes or no. No pressure at all. If you’d like to share your images, please do give me a credit as photographer.

What happens after the shoot?

Between 3-4 weeks after your shoot you’ll receive your edited digital photographs via email in a private online gallery. The gallery will consist of around 30 colour images and 30 black and white duplicates. If you want to stick with the 15 images in your package, you just need to click the little heart in the corner of your favourite images and I will send you the images without a watermark. If you’d like to upgrade your package, you can buy the full gallery through the link in the ‘Print Store’ at the top of your gallery and I will send you all of the files.

Can you help us with prints and albums?

I absolutely can. I provide high quality luxurious fine art prints and albums (see ‘Products’) and these can be bought directly through the ‘Print Store’ at the top of your gallery. I can also order prints and design albums for you.

Mini shoots - terms and conditions

Included in your 30 minute mini session are 5 downloadable images which you will select from a larger selection in an online gallery. These arrive fully edited in full resolution with printing rights for you to make your own copies. Prints and wall art will also be available to buy separately.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Your session is up to 30 minutes long. 

2. A gallery of approx 15 proof photographs (with black and white duplicates) will be edited for you to choose your 5 favourite images from. The whole gallery will be available at a discounted rate.

3. You will be sent a standard contract including a covid waiver before your session to confirm that you are fit and well for your session. I will have taken a lateral flow test the night before. All Covid safety guidelines will be adhered to including hand sanitizing and airing the studio.

4. The session fee is non-refundable. However, in the case of illness a reschedule will be offered including a newborn session if you are close to your due date.

5. Lastly and importantly; please arrive promptly 5 mins before your session. Late arrivals make the day run behind schedule, so if you're late the time will be deducted from the length of your shoot.

These sessions will take place at my home studio in Kensal Rise NW10 5BJ. The exact location will be emailed to you before the session. Parking is free on weekends. If your shoot is on a Friday please send me your car registration and I can arrange a parking permit for you.

mini shoots more info

If you are feeling shy, please don’t worry, you can be as clothed or as nude as you’re comfortable with. Obviously with a 30 minute slot we’re going to have to get shooting quite quickly. You’ll be amazing, and trust that I’m going to make you look your best.

In my wardrobe there are four robe options. Two choices are plenty for a 30 minute shoot. If there’s an item that you’d like to include please feel free to bring it, but make sure it doesn’t get creased on the journey here. Creases are very hard to edit out and they will show up in the images.

Maternity - Underwear! If you feel like you might like to be slightly more covered up, a nude coloured set of underwear is good to have handy. Try to avoid black underwear, unless you’d like it to feature in the shoot.

Baby -Neutral colours are great, black is not ideal, and graphic designs can be distracting, so anything simple, relaxed and crease free is good. Skin to skin can also be lovely, as well as some breastfeeding shots if you’re doing so. I have a small blanket and some bloomers to hide nappies but show babies skin. If you have anything of yours that you’d like to use please do bring it.

Unfortunately there is no room in my hallway for pushchairs that aren’t folded.

Give yourself enough time. These sessions are 30 min long and I need to stick to the schedule. If you are late the time will come off your session as the next shoot needs to start on time.

IMPORTANT: Please don’t wear any underwear or clothes that will leave marks on your skin (especially bras and waistbands). They can be impossible to edit out. It can be very handy to have some translucent powder to get rid of face shine. If you have some please bring it. Makeup should be how you apply it normally.