My pregnancy portraits are a study in this deeply beautiful and mysterious emotional and physical landscape. My mission is to create fine art maternity portraits that honour the incredible process you are going through, and celebrate the raw power and magnificence of your personal story.


Witnessing the moments when a baby is born is always miraculous. Being invited to document a birth is such an honour, and I’m so grateful to all of my clients who trust me to capture this life changing event, from the tiny details to the high emotions that come with welcoming the next member of your family into the world.


Capturing your baby’s early days and weeks is so special. Their tiny fingers and toes, plump bellies, luminous skin and bleary eyes, this tender time is so fleeting. Part of a baby photography session can also be to process and celebrate the incredible journey - of growing and delivering a human being - that your body has been through.




maternity photography london woman shows bump in white robe and looks relaxed in studio setting with natural light

"It sounds strange, but I feel like I was able to access a different self during the hour I spent with you in the studio. I normally dislike most photos of myself, but going through the final photos I couldn't stop smiling - I absolutely love what you have captured! The images have let me finally 'see' and appreciate my body for probably the first time ever. This was just such an overwhelmingly positive experience and I am so glad I did this. Thank you, thank you for the beautiful work."

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mum in robe breastfeeding baby sitting on a bed in her home by maternity photography london Sarah Stirk


in the blue Studio

A photoshoot in The Blue Studio in Kensal Rise, North West London, is perfect for clients who want to record their pregnancy or newborns without thinking about their own home as the location. The studio is peaceful and private and will give you all you need to focus solely on you and your bump or baby.


A photoshoot in the comfort of your own home saves you travelling and gives us access to any props or clothes you might like to include. I’ve worked in a wide range of homes, from tiny flats to huge houses, all we need are windows and natural light.


I am an award-winning London based photographer specializing in capturing maternity, birth and newborns. I studied fine art, and in 2017 completed a Masters in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication, graduating with Distinction.

The work of my mother, Lolly Stirk, in the field of pregnancy, yoga and birth, has been an ongoing inspiration. It nurtured in me a fascination with the pregnant human body and the extraordinary physical and emotional journey of bringing new life into the world.

My traditional fine art training involved life drawing and sculpting of the human form and my photographic work is an extension of this practice. I am drawn to the intimate and raw, the moments of connection and liberation.

I revel in collaborating with new muses, delivering creative artworks that are unique to every individual. Underlying all of my work is a celebration of the natural power and beauty of women, and a desire for them, through my lens, to celebrate themselves.

Portrait of maternity photography london Sarah Stirk posing on a chair looking into the distance

I grew up in the 70’s with two yoga teachers for parents. Our flat in Maida Vale was always full of anatomy charts, perineum herbs and circles of pregnant women exhaling. Every Wednesday my mum would hold her post natal class in our home, and the living room would fill up with babies, whilst their mothers did the yoga. It was a childhood full of the joys of new life.

My mother, Lolly Stirk, is a pioneer in her field. Her career, spanning 35 years, has involved attending hundreds of births as a doula, she was a founder member of the Active Birth Movement and campaigned for the rights of women to move freely during the births of their babies, contributing to a global movement towards natural births. She continues her work today.

The exposure to my mothers work has given me an innate familiarity and sensitivity to the needs of pregnant, birthing and post natal women. As an artist fascinated with light, photography, bodies and the process of creation, this work brings me endless joy and inspiration.

Photo of my mum, dad and me by Dorothee Von Greiff.

Old black and white portrait of maternity photography London Sarah Stirk as a child with her yoga teacher parents