Whispers in the water

These motion blur images speak of the transience and shifting state of pregnancy. A study in the undercurrents that lay beneath the surface, on both an emotional and physical level. Every woman has a different story of how they got to be pregnant, how long it took, how they feel about their changing body in this mysterious incarnation. Two humans in one. Bodies are made of water, pregnant bodies hold water, creating a sense of contradiction of physical and psychological heaviness and weightlessness, floating in slow motion.

As with pregnancy, the motion blur images are a surprise, you don’t know what you’re going to get, which moment will be captured. How will it look and feel. The contradiction of unspoken questions, alongside unbridled female strength and power.

The process of capturing these images demands a level of letting go, of releasing, of liberating. I’m so grateful to all of the women who are part of this project for trusting me to capture them.

There is the opportunity to create motion blur images with me as part of a maternity studio photo shoot.